from by Molly Mackler



I've got a world of questions but you were always looking at the moon
before you'd sigh and tell me
too soon, darling, much too soon
I can't help the way my legs dance when I'm waiting on you
impatient 'cause I'll never have any of the time that you do

There you stood in front of me, a thousand miles tall
your hands were leafless branches but it was well before fall

Your eyes have become the hands of your watch
and your mouth it moves in the minutes that you talk
and no I can't take it, please give me back my minutes

I'll rob you of your seconds I'll steal every pocket watch that I find
before you'd have the time to tell me you'll never get out alive


from Personal Spring, released October 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Molly Mackler Detroit, Michigan

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